16 Latest Advanced SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic

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Do you want to increase search traffic? Absolutely, why not!  Who doesn’t want this?

We will let you meet here with the top 16 latest SEO techniques that will help you to get past of your competitors rapidly.

Maybe you will not be going to get success as much you got in the past year if you are following the same SEO techniques constantly.  SEO techniques and algorithms are continuously updated over time, so it needs to be updated accordingly if you don’t want to lose your SERP’s ranking.

People are continually searching for products or services before taking any move forward. According to stats, almost 80% of the traffic of the website begins with a search query.

Once will find your website on top of SERP for your desired keyword, you will have more visibility, website traffic, more conversions, and eventually, your revenue increased.

There is a certain number of factors and metrics that you have in your mind while performing SEO. Click here to know more about the importance of SEO for your business growth.
Let’s begin with the very first advanced SEO techniques:

1.SEO Audit of Your Website

Before commencing with any factor, you have to find out the current status of the website. Analyzing each individual situation will help you to prioritize your work. Auditing terms means it allows you to find every aspect of why you’re getting adequate website traffic and conversions. This SEO technique is better known for Growth Hacking technique.

This technique is the basic part of SEO, but very few websites understand the real importance of creating a Website Audit Report. You will get to have more than 50% solution for optimizing your site on Search Engine by analyzing your audit report.

The process of auditing your website helps you to set new goals where it is required, optimizing your site performance, and implementing SEO tactics to drive high audience on your site.

2.Write Long Blog Post

This is one of those advance SEO techniques which you can’t simply ignore. The quality and the quantity of a blog post are continuously analyzed by the SEO experts. Backlinko conducted a study in which they have analyzed 1 Million searches and found that the average first-page search results were 1890 words.

Wait; don’t take this at the easy note. It doesn’t mean a lengthy content will rank on top of SERP. This SEO technique will not guarantee success overnight. The balance should be maintained between the quality and quantity of the content to improvise your ranking.

A major benefit of posting a lengthy content is it naturally contains all relevant keywords related to your blog topic. But, always keep in your mind that lengthy content might be overlooked if it does not sense.

3.Keep Updating Existing Content

Keep rolling out your old content on regular basis and update the content with new information. For example, you had posted a blog related to the best SEO techniques in 2019, but as time passes away, Google comes up with new Algorithms and updates. Then what will you do?

Instead of posting a new blog on the same topic, optimize the earlier post by adding the latest SEO advanced techniques to it. If you are posting multiple times and competing for same keywords, you will get into keyword cannibalization.

There have many tools and software are available on the Internet, find the best one tool and check for keyword relevancy. This advanced SEO technique aid you in improving higher Search Ranking and authority.

4. Link with High Domain Authority Websites

Do you know how backlink works? Backlink builds when you are sharing other contents in order to find links back with high domain authority websites. It helps in boosting the credibility and reliability of your website in Google’s eye.

Getting quality backlinks might help you to get past your competitors. This SEO advance technique plays a crucial role in ranking your website on SERPs. Backlinks is an off-page SEO procedure in which guest posting, submissions, connecting with social media experts and many more factors affect in gaining backlinks.

If you find any spam backlinks on your website, disallow those links. Because it may hurt your authority or website’s score. Google Search console is the platform where you will easily found those inbound links.

5. SEO Optimized Landing Pages

As we are talking about the advancement of SEO techniques, then it must require considering the role of landing pages. Can you answer, for what purpose landing pages used for and why is it important to adopt this SEO technique?

A well-structured landing page can improve your search traffic and increase sales. Multiple numbers of landing pages help you to get higher audiences to reach on your website, and it leads to more conversions. The reason behind driving your users to landing pages that you want them to stay on the same page as you don’t mention any more pages in the navigation.

Your landing page should have authentic, meaningful and informative content; it should not feel like keyword stuffing. And the more important thing to convert your leads into sales is the CTA button. A Call-To-Action button will help you in increasing revenue.

6. Focus on what your User Wants

Before you are conceiving SEO strategy, find about what your targeted audience searches for? Find the right path to connect with them. Get feedback from your customers and try to engage them with your content. Your targeted audience judges on the basis of engagement ratio to your content.
If you are overlooking this latest advance SEO technique, you will go to lose your search engine ranking.  So, now the question arises that how could you reach your audiences in no time?

It takes your efforts, better time management, and quality platforms to research upon:

  • Use Quora with respect to knowing what your audiences are talking about.
  • Use social media platforms to find which type of posts are getting more engagements and shares.
  • Search for high relevant keywords, find content ideas, and know about your competitor’s strategy. We would suggest you for Google Keyword Planner in order to get all the kinds of stuff related to keyword analysis.

7. Use Internal Links

Interlinking is an On-Page SEO process which is used to perform in linking your pages from one another using rich anchor text. So, now your question is why do I need to interlink pages?

Without linking your content to the specific and relevant page of your website, Google Spider will unable to find and crawl your older blog post or pages, if you aren’t linking them something which is relevant. Try to use those keywords which allow you suitably to link with your older blog post.
As shown below image, you can see how internal links work-

Everyone wants their users to spend more time on the website. It will only be possible when you are linking deeply to other articles. Your older articles may bring traffic to the website even for competitive keywords, if you are running with the process. People are still unable to work on this SEO technique for their website, and they are still struggling to get search visitors.

8.Analyze Your Competitor’s Keywords

There is another easy SEO tactic that allows you to find a competitor’s keyword on which they are ranking for. You will have all those relevant keywords which you may use in your content in order to get SERP ranking. But, most of the people do not understand the effectiveness of SEO strategy depends on how much your targeted keywords are competitive.

Keeping your eye on your competitor’s content and the keywords allow you to get the opportunity for growth. You may call this process as Growth Hacking procedure. Then you will get comprehend how you should use keywords in the content and you will also able to implement your ideas.

There are many advanced SEO tools are available on the Internet where you will find competitive keywords for your content. Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest are some of the best picks to check keyword relevancy.

9. Optimize Website for Mobile Devices

According to stats, it is found that over 60% of the searches happen only on Mobile devices. In 2016, Google had introduced an Algorithm with respect to crawl your websites and check whether it behaves as responsive or not.

Having mobile responsive websites will help you to boost your SERPs ranking. Nowadays, people shifted from desktops to mobile phones, so it is required to have a personalized mobile-friendly website which creates effectiveness in your sales funnel.  If your website is poor and old, then you must have to revamp or restructure it.

If you are not an expert in handling your website management, connect us in order to revamp your website and achieve your goals in a very simple way. All these problems and statistics bring you at only solution, and that is to shift your website to a mobile-friendly structure.

10. Use Keywords in Titles and Headings

This SEO technique takes not much of effort as it seems easier to use keywords in your page title and headings, and blog post title and descriptions. In fact, prefer to include multiple keywords if it is relevant to the title.  But make sure, it doesn’t look spammy.

You can see here, how we have used our keywords in Page title and descriptions.

Make sure your title and heading keywords relate to the descriptive content. The purpose of adding keywords is to rank on SERP. Do not over judge your content with keyword stuffing. Google algorithm is able to find creative or spammy content.

There we have another advance SEO technique to find your keywords well. If you had run any Ad campaign earlier, find those keywords on which you had gained more traffic on your landing pages. If those keywords are related to your Page content, prefer to use those keywords in Page Title and Headings.

11. Improve Site Loading Speed

No matter your site ranks on top of SERP, what will you do if your website loading speed is slow?

According to data released by GOOGLE, your 53% visitors turn them to other sites to gain information if your website speeds take up to 3 seconds to load, it doesn’t matter where does it rank. You will get into more trouble if you losing your users every time. It will affect your SEO strategy immensely. So, here we’ll let you know some of the best practices for optimizing your site speed.
One of the best SEO techniques is image optimization. These factors help you in reducing your site loading speed. But there is not only a single factor. If you are using CMS based websites, then prefer to use less plug-in, the heavy sizes of plug-ins work like a resistor to reduce your loading speed.

Sometimes it will take time because of PHP conflicts or database slow loading speed. Get rid out of it. There are umpteen ways to improve your site loading speed, you may use a great hosting provider and can prefer to use some best tools or software to handle all issues.

If you are using CMS, then use W3 Total Cache plug-in, it is a cache file which can be useful.  Avoid carrying more CSS and JS issues, it will affect too in your site loading speed.

12. Optimize Content for RankBrain

Google has improvised a lot to itself since it was developed.  Google updated its Algorithm on a regular basis. To secure your position on top of SERP, you need to be work accordingly. RankBrain is a Google Algorithm which is introduced for the purpose to analyze Search results. It is the third most important ranking factor of Google.

RankBrain is an AI system that finds the relevant and appropriate content related to the keyword searches by users. If you really want to rank on your desired keywords, you cannot simply ignore this algorithm. You need to adopt the RankBrain SEO technique only when you will be able to rectify your problems.

Be sure that you are not stuffing many keywords in the content, because it can be overlooked by RankBrain.

13. Post Content on Social Media

This advanced SEO technique will help you to increase brand awareness and website traffic. There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora, where you can share your content or blog post.

Don’t rely on your website only, social media platforms use by billions of users and relevant hashtags may bring a plethora of opportunities for you to target your customers.  Social Media sharing may help you out in improving your credibility and reliability. As mentioned above, these are some exquisite platforms that will bring you more followers in a short period of time.
Use Moz Bar to find out your DA and PA. If you are not making out more audiences on your website blog post, share those on social media platforms and if you are using CMS, there is plug-in available for adding like and share button on your blog pages, you may add them to it for better engagements.

14.Handle Google Search Console stats

Have you any idea how Google Search Console can be beneficial?
Google Search Console is a tool that is used as an advance SEO technique for better results. This tool helps you to find major issues that are affecting your website rankings. It allows you to find bugs and resolve it as it crawls errors like 404 pages.

Find your targeted audience with the help of Google Search Console. It shows you the keywords which visitors use to reach on your site and it also permits you to submit your sitemaps.

When you are login to Google Search Console, you will get Crawl Errors, which shows your errors and site report; you may use the data to fix your bugs. 404-page errors don’t harm your SERP rankings, but it reduces the great user experiences. Google Search Console tells you the report of what the Google Spider Algorithm has seen while crawling your pages.

15. Optimize Relevant Tags for Visuals

There is another SEO technique that people usually ignore. Most of the Digital Marketer doesn’t understand the importance of optimizing media content on their web pages, they just focus to fill the content with suitable keywords and in the process, they forgot to give appropriate tags for visual content.
It is one of the best SEO techniques to rank higher on Search Engine with the help of your visual content too. Google crawler doesn’t understand your content idea if you do not mention Title tag and Alt tags of your visuals.
It doesn’t end up here, you can’t simply give any name to the Title tag and Alt tags, you have to focus on your keywords, which you want to rank up on SERPs. This process increases your content relevancy for Google crawlers.

  1. Optimize Content for Voice Searches

Have you ever heard about this latest SEO technique? If no, don’t overlook this exceptional SEO technique.

Voice Searches are spreading throughout the world very dynamically. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri are some of the advanced voice search products. People are very fond of using those products when they are in a hurry or engaged somewhere, they likely to ask on voice products. According to Google, 20% of searches on Google were voice searches, and data analyst tells that it will increases up to 30% by 2020.

So, now you can understand what tactic you are going to adopt for your next posts. We prefer using long-tail keywords in your content because people ask in a conversational way during voice searches. You need to have mobile-friendly web pages as users use voice searches on mobile phones.
A lot of queries start with WH-based questions, so use keywords that are relevant for your content and which have the capability to meet your user’s queries.


Every professional want to get more traffic and find great user’s experience on their site. But, it could only be possible when you are really serious with these latest advance SEO techniques. More than 80% of people prefer to purchase any product when get something relevant content in a blog.
Tell us which one you think is the best SEO technique which you didn’t know before visiting us. We’ll keep us to share more powerful content.

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